Create your own photo album using your computer


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CustomFoto lets you create your own personalized photo album using digital images stored on your computer.

The program includes several templates to make the creation process as simple as possible, so that you don’t have to waste much time creating the presentation. These template styles can also be expanded on the program's official web site with models for weddings, births, anniversaries and much more.

CustomFoto also includes photo editing features which you can use to get rid of red eye, retouch the image color and lighting, change its size and even apply artistic effects.

Once the album has been created, you can share it on the Internet with your friends or print a hard copy of it through CustomFoto's own service, as you can use the program to place an order and to see what prices and sizes are available.

CustomFoto is multi-architecture and cross-platform: so, if you have Mac, Linux, or Windows XP or Vista, you will be able to use CustomPhoto whether you have a 32bit (×86) or a 64bit (×64) computer.

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